What to Buy

  1. Taylor - classic acoustic sound, almost always the guitars are comfortable. You may listen to Taylor acoustics in hundreds of hits from all the periods.
    Taylor Universal Reusable Acoustic Pickguard Clear
  2. Gibson ES 175 - the classic jazz electric guitar, there's no classic jazz guitarist that hasn't played it.
    Gibson's Fabulous Flat-Top Guitars: An Illustrated History & Guide
  3. Ovation Balladeer - Ovation AB24A-5-KIT-1 Applause Series Mid Depth Balladeer Acoustic Cutaway 6-String Guitar
    very comfortable, well built, resistant and reliable. The plastic back gives it a better balance. The main Al di Meola guitar
  4. Parker Fly Mojo - Parker Fly Mojo Flame Electric Guitar
    hi-tech axe, it includes a lot of newies like a special vibrato bar in 3 positions and a one piece neck and body. Very comfortable to play.
  5. Takamine Jasmine - Jasmine S35 Acoustic Dreadnought Guitar - much alike the Ovation guitars but with a wooden back , it's the first choice for most of guitarists.
  6. Music Man John Petrucci - Sterling by Music Man JP70 7-String Electric Guitar Transparent Green Burst - very comfortable, great balance, ballsy sound, especially built for Petrucci.
  7. Gibson Les Paul - Metric + FretGuru 2 Precision 8-in-1 Guitar String Action Gauge Fret Rocker Setup and Evaluation Pro Luthier Tool classic electric guitar, almost all the legendary guitarists played it. Long sustain, ballsy overdriven sound.
  8. Variax Acoustic 700 - Line 6 Variax Standard Modeling Guitar a lot of acoustic sounds in a single instrument: Martin, Gibson, Selmer-Maccaferri, Dobro, sitar, banjo, mandolin, etc.
  9. Gibson Custom ES-335 semi-hollow, the first choice for blues and soft jazz players like B. B. King and Larry Carlton.
  10. Line 6 VARIAX Workbench - USB Interface - Variax 600 - it looks like a Strat but it includes 25 guitar sounds: Telecaster, Strat, Les Paul, Gretsh, Rickenbaecker, Gibson S and ES, acoustic guitars, Danelectro, Dobro. A special mention for its playability.

Amps, Effects and Software

  1. Marshall M4 Mini Full Stack - portable Marshall sound, it emulates the well-known MS4.
  2. Pod XT Live - lots of amps and effects, most of them sounding great, it may also be programmed through a computer.
  3. Line 6 Spider II -affordable little stack, 4 amp models, all the basic amp effects.
  4. Sonar 5 - digital workstation, it has everything you need from recording or composing to mixing and mastering. Very easy to use, it comes with synths and studio effects.
  5. Tech 21 Trademark - very flexible tone builder, it emulates the SansAmp pedal.
  6. Cubase SX3 - another digital workstation, it includes virtual instruments and superior audio editing.
  7. Boss Guitar Effects Processor - advanced COSM modeling engine , 30 amp models, you may use the legendary Boss sounds or easily create of your own.
  8. Amplitube - virtual effects and amps. Convincing sound, easy to use.
  9. DigiTech RP50 Modeling Processor - amp, cabinet and pick-up modeling plus a lot of effects.
  10. Guitar Rig - the most popular guitar amps and effects, it comes with its own pedal or you can use any MIDI controller you like.
  11. Zoom Pedalboard - effects, modeling system, a drum machine and sampler.
  12. Band in a Box - the perfect tool for "play along with a band" practicing: learn to play chords, melodies and improvise in real time.


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