Pentatonic and Diatonic Scales

The first step is to learn the simplest scale, the minor pentatonic. It has 5 steps: 1, b3, 4, 5, b7 so we'll learn it in 5 positions:

Penta General Scale

After mastering the pentatonic scale, it's easy to learn other scales by adding only a few new notes. We'll do it for the diatonic scale. Because we started with the minor pentatonic, we'll go on with the minor diatonic scale that has the same notes plus two: 1, 2, b3, 4, 5, b6, 7.

For the box position:

MinorN Guitar Scale

The next position - we'll call it the Locrian position to get in terms with the diatonic modes:

LocrianN Guitar Scale

The Dorian position:

DorianN Guitar scale

The Phrygian position:

PhrygianN Guitar Scale

And the Mixolydian position:

MixoN Guita scale

We used "n" to show that the method is meant for any note on the fretboard. You may see where n should be placed for every root or, better, you may click on the letters to open the specific scales in the following table (this will also allow you to learn the scales for each and every root and will help you memorize faster the patterns):


From now on, it will be easy to learn blues, harmonic and melodic minor scales and modes. Get back to the Scales page and learn new scales.