How to buy effects

How to buy effects
  • You have to trust your ears. Buy what sounds good to you.
  • Try all the knobs, be sure that there are changes.
  • Don't overload your rig, buy only what you need for your music.
  • The effects order changes the sound.
  • You may already have most of the effects you need built-in in your amp.


The most known effects:
Filter Effects Sweep a peak (wah) in the frequency response.
Wah Peda, Talk Wah, Equalizers.
Compressor Evens out dynamic range variations. It makes soft signals louder and loud signals quieter, it adds sustain.
Overdrive and Distortion Increases the complexity of the signal, adds sustain and power.
Pitch Effects Changes the pitch: Octaver, Pitch Pedal
Delay Repeats the original sound, sometimes it reverses it.
Reverb Emulates rooms
Modulation Combined filter, delay and pitch effects.
Chorus, Flanger, Phaser, Tremolo, Rotator
Level Controllers Reduce noise, control the volume and the stereo panning.
Noise Gate, Limiter, Volume Pedal, Panning

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