The Guitar Principles Experience

Jamie Andreas
Jamie's provocative writings examine all aspects of becoming a true musician…the technical/physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual dimensions. Guitar virtuoso, recording artist, composer, and teacher of 30 years, Jamie is recognized by music experts around the globe for her major contribution to the advancement of guitar education.

Her method book, "The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" (1999) continues to bring the highest acclaim, world renowned as "The International Bible For Guitarists", and the "Holy Grail Of Guitar Books". With a straight forward writing style, her tried and true, result-oriented guitar book powerfully reveals the correct practice methods that no other book has revealed…taking the student from the beginning stages all the way to the highest levels of virtuosity. Jamie is already familiar to aspiring guitar players, as her wisdom is present throughout the Web on all major guitar sites, including her own. Visit:

The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar

Every day, people the world over are telling their own story of amazing progress and long sought revelations about how to, finally, get good on the guitar.

"The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar" shows beginners how to start playing without getting bad habits, and also shows players how to get rid of the bad habits they have!

Fantastic results are guaranteed with "The Principles"! This is not some "hit or miss, works for some people, not for others" method for guitar. "The Principles" works for everybody who uses it!!

"The Principles" contains the greatest wealth of secret knowledge about how to be a great guitarist that you will ever find! This is not another idle statement about some guitar book: it is a proven fact, proven, and testified to, by thousands of players around the world.

See excerpts from "The Principles".....

"The Principles Of Correct Practice For Guitar" has, for the first time, summarized and presented ALL of the essential knowledge you need to be a master guitarist (or just a good one who has fun and sounds good!).

And most importantly, "The Principles" shows you HOW to USE that information when you practice, and exactly what you need to DO to become the guitar player you want to be!

Join the thousands of players making incredible progress in their playing, GET THE PRINCIPLES TODAY!
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  • What Is Real Practice On Guitar?
  • Review Is Required
  • How to Nail a Solo
  • Removing the Barriers to Musical Expression
  • How To Practice Guitar Chord Changes
  • Lost In Time
  • Get the Juices Flowing
  • Teachers Lounge: You Treat a Thing the Way You Define it
  • Goalines not Deadlines
  • Your Hand is Your Band: The Importance of Fingering
  • Natural Talent
  • The Secret of Speed: Finding the Incredible Lightness
  • Your Growth as a Guitarist: Vertical or Horizontal?
  • Discover your Discomfort! or Why are so Many Guitarists Masochists?

Free! 10 Things You Can Do Right Now to Become a Better Guitarist! "The Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar," the Perfect Start for Beginners, the Answer to the Problems of Players. Start to play the guitar without getting bad habits, or get rid of the bad habits you already have, by knowing how to do "perfect practice" with the Principles of Correct Practice for Guitar.

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