Guitar Lessons

Guitar Lessons Study ScheduleHere is a 3 hours per day schedule. If you have the possibility, extend the time for each item. The purpose is to use your time efficiently for improving your guitar playing.

Guitar Lessons - Schedule

  • Practicecomments Duration
  • Scales In case you don't master the following scales: pentatonic, blues, major/minor, minor harmonic and melodic, whole - half tone, bebop.10 min
  • LicksTry to learn a lick each day you practice10 min.
  • Essential Licks LessonsLearn the main licks of the great masters.20 min.
  • TabsThere are a lot of solos you should know. Once you learn one, move to the following.20 min.
  • ImprovisationLearn theory at first, than play along with the jazz comps.30 min.
  • Play alongListen to your favorite music with the guitar in your hands. Try to catch the harmony at first, then improvise solos.30 min.
  • Ear TrainingThere's a lot of excellent software for ear training. You should begin with intervals and chords.10 min.
  • Theory LessonsLearn theory and the logic behind the music. Try to understand how your favorite musicians wrote their music.20 min.

  • RecordRecord what you practice. This will improve your accuracy, sometimes you get the feeling you do the exercise as it should but you'll be sure of it only after you'll hear it recorded.30 min.
  • Be creativeRecord your own ideas, any recording may be the basic material of a future song.-
  • Don't waste timeIf you like watching TV, do it with the guitar in your hands. Try to "catch" music you hear for the first time - melody, chords and improvise with it. Try to imitate the phrasing of the actors or talking heads (sports commentator are great).-