Guitar chops

The following exercises are destined to improve your technique as a guitar player.

The examples are divided in five chapters and they come in two shapes: as Sibelius Scorch - .sib web page where you can also listen in MIDI to the exercise (besides seeing or printing it) and in jpeg - .gif format for those who don't want to download the Scorch software.


Simple Arpeggios
Arpeggio 1 .gif
Arpeggio 2 .gif
Arpeggio 3 .gif
Arpeggio 4 .gif
Arpeggio 5 .gif
Arpeggio 6 .gif
Arpeggio 7 .gif
Capriccio nr. 5 .gif
In Diatonic Scales
Scales 1 .gif
Scales 2 .gif
Scales 3 .gif
Scales 4 .gif
Scales 5 .gif
Scales 6 .gif
Scales 7 .gif
In the Chromatic Scale
Chromatic 1 .gif
Chromatic 2 .gif
Chromatic 3 .gif
Chromatic 4 .gif
The Flight of the Bumblebee .gif
Tapped Arpeggios
Tapped Arpeggio 1 .gif
Tapped Arpeggio 2 .gif
Tapped Arpeggio 3 .gif
Tapped Arpeggio 4 .gif
Tapped Arpeggio 5 .gif
Tapped Arpeggio 6 .gif
Extended Arpeggios
Extended Arpeggio 1 .gif
Extended Arpeggio 2 .gif
Extended Arpeggio 3 .gif
Extended Arpeggio 4 .gif
Extended Arpeggio 5 .gif
Extended Arpeggio 6 .gif

Practice the exercises in a slow tempo at first and increase the speed gradually until you master them.

1 - index; 2 - middle; 3 - ring; 4 - small.