Famous Guitarists Settings

The most known effects:
Beck, Jeff This is a rather brief outline, by Beck, of the equipment he uses. Not very detailed, but some may find it interesting and informative.
Bettencourt, Nuno Not a ton of information here, but these pages should give you a good idea of Bettencourt's studio and live equipment.
Blackmore, Ritchie Brief, but insightful info on guitar gear used by the guitarist. Includes guitar, amp, and effect information.

Carlton, Larry This good site features rather scant information on what guitars and gear the supersession guitar player uses to get his signature tone.
Childress, Ross (Collective Soul) Visual layout of the guitarist's set-up that includes a Peavey 5150, two Fender Twin Reverbs, a Paul Reed Smith, and a mess of pedals. No effects settings are included.
Clapton, EricPart of the Eric Clapton FAQ, this page offers good documentation of Clapton's guitars and amps; past and present.
Cobain, Kurt (Nirvana) An entire website devoted to the equipment used by the master of the haphazard guitar sound, that became one of the inspirations for the grunge movement.
Collins, Albert Dig the Albert Collins sound? Check out simplicity at it's finest - the Albert Collins road set-up. From Guitargeek.
Davies, Dave (The Kinks) See Davies set-up, circa 1964, featured on hits like "You Really Got Me" and "Sunny Afternoon". Simple, but effective.
Dimebag Darrell (Pantera) This fella uses a whole lotta amp to get his onstage sound. Darrell also curiously uses two Digitech Whammy pedals side-by-side. Lots of info here, although no specific pedal or amp settings.
Garcia, Jerry A ton of very specific info here on Garcia's road set-up. Click "More of Jerry's Rig" and move your mouse over the picture to see detailed explanations.

Gilmour, David (Pink Floyd) Very detailed information regarding Gilmour's gear.
Gilmour, David (Pink Floyd) An overview of the gear David Gilmour used on earlier Pink Floyd recordings, including amplifier, guitar, and effect information.
Gough, Damon (Badly Drawn Boy) This eclectic artist has a similarly unusual stage set up, that includes unusual effects loops, a Mooger Fooger ring mod, and other peculiarities.
Green, Peter From Mike's Guitar Site, here is an overview of the gear used by the guitarist noted for his work in Fleetwood Mac.
Green Day Informative, but rather brief documentation on the instruments used by Billie Joe and the rest of the band. From Greenday.net
Hammet, Kirk (Metallica) No specific settings listed on this Kirk Hammet fan site. The page does contain a list of guitars, amps, strings, etc., Hammet uses.
Greenwood, Jonny (Radiohead) A whole lot of info here on Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood's guitars, effects, keyboards, and amplifiers.
Harper, Ben An excellent page that compiles interviews from guitar magazines and other sources, and provides a highly detailed account of the instruments, effects, and mic'ing techniques used by Ben Harper.
Hendrix, Jimi Compiled from various sources, here is a visual description of Hendrix's late stage set-up. No specific info on pedal settings, etc.
Hetfield, James (Metallica) Some good overall information about the Metallica frontman's gear on this site. Doesn't offer much info on effects used, or any specific settings, but it should give those interested some general insight.
Korn Basic information on the guitars, pedals, amps, basses, drums, etc. that the members of Korn play. From Kornworld.de.
Lamonde, Larry (Primus) This website offers a good overview of how to recreate the Primus guitar sound. No specific settings are given.
Lang, Jonny If you're a fan of the blues guitarist, you'll want to check out his rather simple set-up, that includes plugging into a Fender Tonemaster.
Lynch, George Site that offers a very detailed description of the gear setup Lynch uses to create his signature guitar sound. Includes gear info for both recent and older recordings.
Malmsteen, YngwieA lot of really nice, specific info here for Malmsteen fans. Includes information on Yngwie's guitars, amps, and effects, both in live and studio settings.
May, Brian (Queen) Not very lengthy, but this article on Queen guitarist Brian May's gear is very informative. Includes diagrams of May's effects chains.
Morello, Tom (Rage Against the Machine) From Guitar World Magazine, an interview with the Rage Against the Machine guitarist, in which he discusses extensively his gear, and his unusual uses for it.
Navarro, Dave (Red Hot Chili Peppers) Relatively brief, but informative details on Nararro's stage set-up, from the Guitargeek website. No specifics on amp and pedal settings.
Petrucci, John (Dream Theater) This page offers extensive info on the gear settings of Dream Theater guitarist Petrucci. This will keep you busy for a while!
Radiohead This is a Yahoo club, that you'll need to join in order to read and post discussions of the gear used by Radiohead.
Raitt, Bonnie An overview of Bonnie Raitt's live set-up, circa 2000. Her sound includes use of a Vox amp, with the somewhat surprising addition of a Fender Pro Junior.
Santana, Carlos Very thorough documentation of the guitarist's gear is provided on his official site, including info on his guitars, pedalboard, amps, and speakers.
Satriani, Joe In this area of Joe's official site, every aspect of the guitarist's favorite axe,"Chrome Boy", is highlighted in excrutiating detail, in annotations by his guitar tech, Gary Brawer.
Scholz, Tom (Boston) Here's a ton of info on the ton of equipment the guitarist uses to get the very distinct sounds that have been heard on Boston recordings since the mid 1970's.
Shiflett, Chris (Foo Fighters) If you like this band's sound, then you'll want to check out this layout of Shiflett's live set-up. Includes guitar, amp, and effects information, although no specific settings are given.

Slash Quite a bit of info here, although it might be a bit hard to find. Scroll down for a while, and you'll find it. Information on Slash's gear, guitars, amps, etc., including some specifics on settings.
Sonic Youth An exhaustive list of the guitars and basses used by the band, complete with pictures and years used. An almost comical amount of information is provided.
Smith, Adrian (Iron Maiden) Find the layout of Smith's road set-up here. Includes information on his guitar, amps, pedals, etc. No settings have been included.
U2 An entire website devoted to U2's sound, and the gear they use. A ton of info on guitars, effects, amps, etc. used by the Edge. Very cool!
Petty, Tom A graphic representation of Petty's live set-up, from TomPetty.com. Includes pedal information.

Vai, Steve Here is a listing, from Vai's official site, of the gear he used in live settings in Vai's various bands. Focuses on effects and amps, rather than on guitars.
Van Halen, Eddie Lots of detail about the guitarist's axes, amps, and effects. This good site goes into a rather large amountof detail, and fans will find it very useful.
Vaughan, Stevie Ray This site has a good presentation of SRV's guitars, including pics of the guitarist with each instrument. It details pick-up info, string gauges, and more.
Vedder, Eddie Not much to ponder over here... Vedder simply plugs into a Hiwatt head with a Marshall 4x12 cabinet. For a little bit more detail, check out this description on Guitargeek.
Weezer More info than you could ever want to know about the gear history of Rivers and the rest of the Weezer crew. Includes photos and more.
Young, Angus (AC/DC) Here's an illustration of Angus Young's road set-up. Includes information on Young's guitar, amps, strings, etc.
Young, Neil A collection of articles on Neil Young' Guitars, Amps, Whizzer and Equipment on how he obtains his unique, grunge and feedback sound.