• Always be aware of what are your favorite guitar players' instruments. Probably you can't afford exactly the same amp but at least you can try to get closer to the sound you have in mind.
  • There is a lot of soft emulating various guitar amps (Amplitube, Guitar Rig, Rock Amp Legends, Revalver, etc.). You can learn what brand fits best for your sound.
  • Don't buy small cabinets at a very low price, they will never sound good, it's just a waste.
  • Tube amplifiers are more expensive and need a periodic care but their tone is something that transistors amps will never get.
  • Try different amps with the same guitar, preferably yours.
  • A serious modern amp would have at least: 3 - band EQ, reverb, presence, drive, clean channel and overdrive channel.
  • Conclusion: Find an amp that gives you a good sound at a reasonable volume and price.

Some classic valve amplifiers::

Fender Twin Reverb

Fender Bassman

Marshall Combo

Mesa Boogie Rectifier

Mercurial Superfly low