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Essential Licks - Jimmy Page

One of the most important and innovative rock composers, Jimmy Page was also a very ambtious guitar player. Apart from Zeppelin's riffs that he created, Page's solos were carefully conceived. There is no rock freak that doesn't know by heart Page's solo in Stairway To Heaven, for instance. We'll see some of his most memorable licks:

Maybe the first Page solo that those who listened to music back then remember, is the guitar break in Whole Lotta Love:

Essential Licks - Gary Moore

No matter if he plays rock or blues, the Irish guitarist Gary Moore is always full of feeling. His licks, coming from the blues tradition or invented by Moore for his rock and prog projects, are among the most memorable and imitated by guitar players.

We begin with several classic blues licks that Moore uses in one of his blues covers, Cold Day In Hell:

Cold Day In Hell

Essential Licks - Mark Knopfler

When speaking of feeling and subtlety, Mark Knopfler is the top, being one of the most sensitive and expressive musicians ever heard. His licks are sometimes dramatic, sometimes parodical, sometimes venturous and always imaginative and perfectly motivated in the context of the song.

Knopfler uses his right-hand ring and little fingers to form a strong fixed anchor and the angle of the right wrist causes the thumb to touch the string with the left side only.

Essential Licks - David Gilmour

David Gilmour's contribution in building the legend called Pink Floyd is immense. His compositions, his voice and his memorable guitar playing are known by millions. His tone, the concept of his solos and their integration in Floyd's music are essential, however we'll take a look at some licks from his most celebrated solos:

Gilmour likes to strike the listeners right from the begining of his solos. Everybody knows Another Brick In the Wall:

Essential Licks - Buckethead

Buckethead's strange solos, his special technique and his outstanding stage act make him one of the most intriguing guitarists of the new age. His licks are not easy to handle, so take it slowly in the beginnining.

Let's start with a run from Jump Man. See the use of the patterns on various strings. Learn each pattern, then try the solo:

Jump Man

A bigger one in Bringe And Grab: