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Essential Licks - Stevie Ray Vaughan

Stevie Ray Vaughan was not only a blues guitar encyclopedia but one of its most important innovators, being from this point of view on the same level with Jimi Hendrix and Roy Buchanan. Here are a few of the licks that made Vaughan such a special guitarist:

Most of the solos are played in 1/2 step down tuning: Eb, Bb, Gb, Db, Ab, Eb.

Vaughan used one-string solo and chords for his most famous riffs. Mary Had A Little Lamb:

Essential Licks - Steve Vai

Steve Vai is one of the most versatile guitar virtuosos. He uses a wide range of techniques in adventurous compositions, being a model for all those who want to open new horizons in guitar playing. Here is a selection of licks that illustrate some of his techniques:

One of the techniques that Vai is fond of is that Hendrix "lace" used in the opening for Little Wing, for instance. Here is an example from Brandos Costumes: