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The Basics of Sheet Music - Guitarists Guide to Sheet Music

You might ask me, why would you, a modern guitarist learn to play by sheet music. It is an old standard that people who play classical music use. I agree, but at the same time it is a very useful tool. Reading sheet music allows you to access an enormous library of music written throughout time. Additionally, and honestly more importantly, it lets you communicate musically with other musicians more accurately. Sheet music is quick, honest and accurate; therefore, it is almost always a requirement for session musician jobs.


Increasing Speed


A proved method to increase speed while preserving accuracy is playing the same phrase at a slow tempo in the beginning and then increasing speed. Here are some licks that do exactly this. We'll start with very simple phrases. The complexity will grow with every lick.

Chuck Berry

Chuck Berry, a music pioneer aka the Father Rock 'n' roll pioneer, died on Saturday (18 March 2017) at age 90. Chuck Berry’s family wrote on his Facebook page: “We are deeply saddened to announce that Chuck Berry - beloved husband, father, grandfather and great-grandfather - passed away at his home today at the age of 90. Though his health had deteriorated recently, he spent his last days at home surrounded by the love of his family and friends.”

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